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We are here to provide you Finest News Website Design in Jaipur. With 10+ years of experience in emerging a modified website that is ordinary sailing is accessing and maintaining by you, including its content, images, multimedia, and other data. We have skilled, experienced and dedicated development team.

Online News Portal is an online communication medium intended at internet. This is commonly supposed of as an internet connection to a news source but the description of a portal would include a newspaper, magazine or any other access to news.

Decide on your objective market and website categories, and build its arrangement. Emphasis on content quality, uniqueness, and its worth for your readers. Follow the SEO strategies though creating content for a news website Design. Start publishing news, stories, and reviews relevant to your industry.

What Our News WebSite Design Include

The News Website Design consist of basic pages from which the user can view and know the relevant information like history, upcoming. In other case the administrator manage all the relevant actions for which the users can view properly and also make reports.


Our News Web Portal has basically three user parts where:-

  • One is registered user who can view, add comments can have general discussion with another user.
  • Second user is administrator who will manage or control the website.
  • Third is unregistered user who can only view and search.

Why You Choose Datacube Softech For News Portal Development in Jaipur

  • We have some of the top News Website Designers who put their soul to generate best output.
  • Foster a sense of community by encouraging user comments, opinions, and participation
  • Our Morden News Web Portal design has user-friendly interface, making it easy for readers to find and explore content.
  • Technical support available all the time to assist you at every step.
  • Connect with your audience on social media platforms for wider reach and engagement.
  • We deliver fast, efficient and quality tested work
  • Our News Web Portal is not just about delivering news; it's about creating a community. Engage with us through polls, comments, and interactive features that make your voice an integral part of the conversation.

Datacube Development Service

Datacube Softech Pvt. Ltd, provides a better & creative web world for every levels of hi-tech solutions. We are specialized in Web, Mobile Applications Development.

Affordable Pricing

We assure you of delivering a fully professional News Portal development within your budget, incorporating the best features available. Your priorities are our foremost consideration.

Technology Consulting

We deliver knowledgeable perspectives on the current trends in web development. Offering Strategic technology consulting to align with business objectives. Additionally, we empower clients by keeping them well-informed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Easy to Operate

Even if you're not familiar with web development, you can seamlessly navigate and manage our developed News portals without the need for coding knowledge.


PHP provides access logging by creating the summary of recent accesses for the user.PHP have some predefined error reporting constants to generate a warning or error notice.

Security Optimization

PHP is the top-rated programming language highly secured for developing highly functional web applications and the websites. It has its own security in the language, which keeps it safeguarded from the viruses.

Our News
Website Design Features

Ensure an intuitive News Website Design with easy navigation to help users find content effortlessly.

Optimize the portal for various devices, including desktop, tablets and smartphone.

Implement a robust search feature to enable users to find specific articles or topics quickly.

Organize content into categories and use tags to enhance content discoverability.

Allow user to create accounts for personalized experience, such as saving preferences and subscribing to newsletters.

Provide an option to subscribe to newsletter for regular update.

Enable easy sharing of articles on social media platforms to increase reach and engagements.

Allow users to comment on article and engage in discussion to foster a sense of community.

Incorporate image, videos, audio to enhance the visual appeal and depth of content.

we understand the importance of reaching miscellaneous audiences across the globe. That's why our news portal design comes furnished with robust multilingual support to ensure your content is reachable to a worldwide audience. Whether you're breaking news, sharing insights, or telling compelling stories, our platform allows you to seamlessly publish and navigate articles in multiple languages.

Include polls, quizzes, and interactive features to engage and involve the audience.

Suggest related articles to keep users on the site and encourage further exploration.

Integrate ad spaces strategically for monetization and supporting the business model.

Provide filters for users to refine search results based on date, category, or other relevant criteria.

Offer RSS feeds for users who prefer to consume news through feed readers. RSS feeds help the user to know what all the information that is beginning updated. The information can be shared to the user by clicking on the link. Back end users can manage the feeds in the news web portal.

Implement push notifications for breaking news or personalized alerts.

Integrate analytics tools to track user behavior, preferences, and popular content.

Ensure data security, especially if user accounts and personal information are involved.

Optimize content for search engines to enhance visibility and attract organic traffic.

Implement accessibility features to make the portal usable for individuals with disabilities.

Utilize a robust CMS to facilitate easy content creation, editing, and publishing.

Maintain an accessible archive of past articles and news stories.

That are Key To Success

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