Advantages of using WordPress

WordPress is one of the most leading blogging software for the last few years. You can install it on your web host to create a website without any interference. In simple words, WordPress is one of the most popular ways to create a website or blog. If you are among those who know nothing about programming, just go for WordPress, and it will make it easy for you to manage all important aspects related to your website. Isn’t it interesting? Well, besides this there are numerous other benefits of using WordPress which are as follows

1.Free and open source

Being free and open-source software, WordPress can be used by anyone for managing their blogs and website. Though it demands some amount for hosting, yet it is just to use WordPress and nothing else. You can use WordPress for adding new pages to your website along with beautiful images, different themes, and colors, blog posts, etc. Moreover, it is very easy to use and helps you to reduce much of your time. This is because it has an in-built interface and simple technology.

2.Manage your site from anywhere

As WordPress is browser-based software, you can use it from any computer to manage your website. No matter which system you are using, just use WordPress as you use it in your system. You can log in to WordPress from any computer having an internet connection and can manage your blogs or websites easily.

3.No HTML editing software require

Since WordPress has an inbuilt interface, it does not require any FT software or HTML editing software such as Dreamweaver, Adobe Contribute, or others. You can easily manage all your blogs, posts, themes, pages, format, text, fonts, editing, uploading, downloading, documentation, videos, pictures, etc. using WordPress. There is no need to install any FTP or HTML software on your computer.


WordPress makes search engine optimization just a cup of tea with the help of tags, keywords, and supporting plugins. It depends on you that how you make it easy for search engines to read and search the site's content. Just make sure to add some specific keywords, title, or hashtag on each page, post, image, or document allowing the search engine optimization. To enhance the SEO efforts, you can also go for using meta tag keywords.

5.Fully customizable

To make your brand popular on your website, it needs to be attractive and informative. WordPress makes it easy for you to customize your website and make it look exactly what you want it to be. Using WordPress you can provide a unique experience to the viewers, and thus, it allows you to manage your website 100 percent on your own.

6.Manage your website

Being simple and easy to use, you can use WordPress to manage your websites on your own. You need not wait for the web designer to make even simple changes to your website. No matter whether it is any update or notification, you can simply manage your website using WordPress. It provides full control of every aspect of the website to you. Just use WordPress and make the updates yourself in no time.

7.Multiple users

If you do not have time to manage everything by yourself, you can simply divide your work at different levels. Being an administrator of WordPress, set up different users for your website and assign them different tasks as per their capabilities. It will not only provide effectiveness to the tasks but will also help you to manage your website easily.

8.Ready to go option

As WordPress was originally a blogging platform, it has in-built capabilities of blogging and thus can be used to manage your blogs and websites if required. You can simply enhance the functioning of the website such as setting up email subscriptions, adding posts, blogs to the home page, comments, etc. using WordPress. Thus it allows its users to make their website reach more audiences and grow their business.

9.Supporting plugins and themes

You can even extend the functionality of your website with the help of supporting plugins. It allows you to add events, dates, videos, images, Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, etc. to your website and make it more interesting. All this is possible with the supporting plugins available on WordPress and that too at no cost or very minimal prices. Furthermore, it allows you to choose how your website must look like. You can easily modify, customize and personalize your website theme and colors using WordPress. 


Similar to other software, WordPress remains updated with the latest technology, trends, and needs of the users. As a website demands various updates from time to time, thanks to WordPress for keeping pace with the purpose of the website all the time. You can easily see relevant updates, a strong supporting system, and exciting features added to the software.


It provides much flexibility to your website as you can choose from thousands of themes and plugins available on WordPress to customize your website. You can easily add a new look and adapt to the trending needs of digital media. Make sure to install its updated version to your website and using different plugins carefully. 

Though launching a website is not easy, yet you are lucky that you have WordPress. If you have your website built by a professional, do not worry about the updates and notifications as you can now manage your website on your own. You will always find WordPress best in terms of support, scalability, and efficiency. Most of all, it is easy to install and simple to use. 

In conclusion, WordPress is the simplest way to manage your website. If you are looking ahead to create any website or blog, WordPress is the best option. Just give it a try and make your task simpler. It will not only save your time but will also cost equal to nothing. Make sure to follow each rule and use only legal media.


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