PHP Development

We, at Datacube, deliver cutting-edge PHP Development services to take your business to the internet and then to the heights of business. No matter what your business requirements are, our flexible and cost-effective solutions will help shaping your business exactly the way you want. While quality is our commitment, our PHP development services are designed to safeguard the highest standards of business ethics. We maintain a sizeable team of professional web developers who are able to create complex, enterprise-class frameworks effectively in PHP.

Techliance Php Services include:

To fit your exact requirements, we offer PHP development services to build a website which is maintainable, performance based, high-traffic efficient, and secure. With state-of-the-art technologies like Zend Framework, Ajax based apps, & RIAs (Rich International Applications) – we make your sites work efficiently under mission critical operations. Our team of PHP professionals is capable of delivering:
B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B Solutions
Content Management System
Shopping Carts
Ecommerce Portals
Product Catalogues
Lead management system
Social Networking and Collaboration applications, and the list continues.

Advantages of PHP Web Development Services:

If you’re uncertain as to what PHP development services you may need to build and maintain your website, let us help you determine and provide the best services for/to your business. You should choose PHP service because of:
Its ability to embed itself into the HTML code
High performance and reliability
Low development and maintenance cost
Supporting databases like MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL and Generic ODBC, & Compatibility with servers like Apache and IIS