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Software development, application development, software design, software design, software application development, enterprise application development model as the ultimate expression of a software development product.software a planned and structured process or through the software development phase is known. Therefore, software development may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that may result in software products can be used. Being full of commercial and open source) software or personal use (scientific writing software to automate mundane tasks) to be.
A more structured, engineering-based development charge, while others have a more incremental approach, software development, where it is developed piece by piece. Business Solutions for Software Development methodologies share some combination of the following stages recent approaches:
1 Analysing the problem
2 Market research
3 Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution
4 Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution
5 Implementation (coding) of the software
6 Testing the software
7 Deployment
8 Maintenance and bug fixing
These stages are often the software development lifecycle, or SDLC, known collectively as. Documentation produced at each stage of the software development level of detail may vary. These steps may also be carried out in turn (a "waterfall" based approach), or the various cycles or iterations (a more "extreme" approach), but can be repeated.More structured or "waterfall" based approach to assess the majority of risks and develop a detailed plan for the software before implementation begins (coding), and to avoid significant design changes and the Software Development Life Cycle In the later stages of the plan to try coding.
If, on the other hand, the problem (at least the development team) is unique and can not easily imagine the structure of software solutions, a more "extreme" incremental approach may work best. A software development process is a structure imposed on the development of a software product. Synonyms include software life cycle and software process. Several models for such processes, a variety of tasks or activities that take place during the process of each approach are described.